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Grow your own clinical workforce with our customizable solution to bolster your organization’s ability to recruit, develop, and retain clinical staff.

Offer Your Own Branded CNA Program

You can empower candidates to earn their Nurse Assistant certification by offering your own branded program. Retain quality team members by giving them a pathway to develop a clinical career. Our approach allows you to grow your own clinical workforce through innovative methods of learning, including online and in person.

Green Creek Education solution offers you a turnkey course that includes a management portal to launch the program.

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Green Creek Education Has Developed A PROACTIVE Approach To Solve Your Problem Of CNA STAFFING Undersupply

With our educational and individualized educational options we have created a new blended online certified nurse assistant (CNA) training program. The eclectic learning model ensures a solid foundation for the student. Our standout, blended training program provides flexibility, consistent education quality, and convenience for students.
The course is taught by qualified online instructors and in-person nurse educators. Students and instructors have complete access to all curriculum materials through electronic books, online lectures, and soon to come skill videos. No downloading necessary!

Green Creek Education Course Details

  • Accessible on smartphones, tablets PCs and Macs
  • lectures/video instruction are cloud-based – no downloads or installs
  • Practice tests, study guides, quizzes and chapter reviews
  • Competency-based skills checklists with visuals and (videos- coming soon)
  • Scheduled in person skills and clinical training
  • Grading software for instructor to evaluate students electronically
  • Data analytics include class activity reports, data by student, student competency
  • A creative operating system that allows organizations the ability to include customized content.

Green Creek Education Benefits and Key features

  • Course is accessible 24/7 on smartphones, tablets or PCs.
  • Didactic portion pre-recorded and available
  • Didactic portion pre-recorded and available
  • Practice tests, study guides, quizzes and chapter reviews help students along the way for a higher pass rate.
  • Competency-based skills checklists with visuals and videos.
  • Scheduled in person skills and clinical training.
  • Real time data analytics, including class activity reports and individual student competencies.
  • The ability to customize content for your community/organization.
  • Standardized proven program ensures quality of training at all locations.

How Green Creek Education’s program Works:

Our program is one of the most thorough, resident-centered CNA training. It allows students to access the course online but mandates that clinical skills are still taught in-person with a clinical nurse instructor/supervisor. The latest edition of the Nurse Assistant curriculum allows the excellence and commitment to quality care.
Students get complete access to each chapter of the textbook to view or listen to on their laptops, tablets or smart phones. Our educational platform tracks student’s learning time, instructor records, competency checklists, and much more.

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