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We are ready to come to your state, too , with a hybrid model that will help you attract students and train them your way.

Green Creek Education AFFILIATE PROGRAMS has developed a revolutionary approach to solve your members’ CNA workforce shortage

Our unique, blended training program provides flexibility, quality, and convenience for students and fully prepares them for certification. As an official distributor partner, you have the opportunity to help your members and share program revenues. We invite you to learn more.

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Our program is the most thorough, resident-centered CNA training available. It allows students to access the course online but mandates that clinical skills are still taught in person with a nurse instructor. The latest edition of the How To Be a Nurse Assistant curriculum demonstrates the tradition of excellence and commitment to quality care which Green Creek Education is renowned for across the long term and post-acute profession. Students get complete access to each chapter of the textbook to view or listen to on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Our management system tracks student learning time, instructor records, competency checklists, and much more.


  • Revenue sharing on student tuition and e-book or audio book sales from all registered participants
  • Option to host program courses and instructor training classes as a non-dues revenue source
  • Ability to offer a member solution to enhance clinical workforce recruitment, development and retention strategies
  • Option to dual brand the course and program
  • Support and training for state affiliates by technical and clinical experts
  • Option to distribute all future offerings


  • Cours is accessible 24/7 on smartphones, tablets or PCs.
  • Didactic portion completely available as an e-book or audiobook (no downloads or installs).
    Professional course instructor provides consistent quality.
  • Practice tests, study guides, quizzes and chapter reviews help students along the way for a higher pass rate.
  • Competency-based skills checklists with visuals and videos.
  • Scheduled in-person skills and clinical training prepare students to work in CNA careers
  • Real time data analytics, including class activity reports and individual student competencies. let the instructor track students progress
  • The ability to customize content for your organization makes the program specific to your needs. Cost is $700 per student

STAGE TO COMPLETE STATE LICENSING AND LAUNCH THE CNA ONLINE PROGRAM’s leadership team presents a full demonstration and presentation of the program to affiliate, and upon request, additional presentations can be scheduled (i.e. Affiliate’s Board & Workforce Committee). and state affiliate signs a Certified Distributor Agreement.’s team will tailor the course content, skills check-offs, and lesson plan outlines for each state. will create a crosswalk document of how our program curriculum meets each objective.

State affiliate(s) can coordinate a meeting for our clinical leadership to present the solution to state regulators.

Regulator feedback is received by affiliate and’s team will issue detailed responses to clarify and resolve any objections or questions.

Based on guidance from state regulators, affiliate, and submit proper application documents. will provide a toolkit with digital recruiting ideas, AHCA marketing materials, webpage links and more.

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If your organization is interested in becoming a certified affiliate distributor of the online Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program, please contact us by calling the number below or filling out the form on this page

PHONE: 502-221-7765